Sprint #3 - 5/27 - 6/10

Progress! Well, at least some. While that turned out to be less than difficult than I thought, at the same time this was a rather unproductive couple of weeks for a number of reasons. I think the biggest challenge here is going to be staying motivated.

So, last sprints goals were:

  • Fix the level select menu.
    • Got it working. I'm still not entirely sure what was wrong, but I changed how the surfaces were being drawn and it works now.
  • Make it possible to leave the screen in directions other than right.
    • You can go left now. Theoretically, you can go up and down too, but I haven't actually tested that out yet.
  • Make a smooth screen transition between the rooms.
    • The scrolling transition works pretty well. It probably needs some tweaking, and I need to put the blink transition back in for certain things like resetting a level or going to the menu. Also, it makes it really obvious that the levels don't fit together seamlessly. That wasn't really a design goal to begin with, but if I want the scrolling transitions, I'll have to fix that somehow.

For the next sprint:

  • Test up and down screen transitions.
  • Controller support - Using the controller shouldn't require any special input from the player.
  • Handle controller input on the initial control mapping.
  • Add the control-toggle accessibility option.
  • Keybind safeties - Don't allow CTRL to be bound in the HTML build.

Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention. This weekend is the Extra Credits Game Jam, which I'll be taking part in. 

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