Sprint #4 - 6/10 to 6/24

Another two weeks have gone by. How's it going?

  • Test up and down screen transitions.
    • Check out the attached gif.
  • Controller support - Using the controller shouldn't require any special input from the player.
    • Also check out the gif. The numbers are for debugging the position of the left analog stick.
    • Unfortunately, this turned out to be a lot more complicated than I was expecting. Everything works fine if you're using a XInput device (like an XBox 360 controller), but things fall apart if you're using a DirectInput device (like a Switch Pro controller). I'm not really sure there's a lot I can do about this from within GameMaker. On top of that, Steam's controller support confuses things further as it automatically maps the buttons to some weird combination of keyboard, mouse and whatever inputs. I'll have to research this further.
  • Handle controller input on the initial control mapping.
    • I didn't get to this. It might be possible to set the remapper up in such a way that it can handle DirectInput controllers, but I'm not quite sure how.
  • Add the control-toggle accessibility option.
    • I'm not sure you can see it, but this is turned on in the attached gif. I haven't tested it, but this should let you play without having to press two buttons at the same time. I still need to add a menu option to control it.
  • Keybind safeties - Don't allow CTRL to be bound in the HTML build.
    • Done. I added an HTML config that turns this on or off. I don't particularly like having to use configs for this. I'd much rather just check what the build target was directly, but at least this makes testing easier.

Next up:

  • Add an accurate in-game timer.
  • Add some kind of indication of what cutting a rope is going to do.

I think both of these are going to be more complicated than they initially sound, so I'll leave it at that for this sprint. I'll check back in on 6/24 so see yall then.

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