Sprint #5 - 6/24 to 7/8

Another two weeks down. Not as much progress as I'd like, but still progress, and that's the important thing.

  • Add an accurate in-game timer.
    • I've added a timer that counts real time for each frame where the player has control of the character. I'm not sure how to verify that it's really working as precisely as I'd like though, so if anyone has any ideas, let me know. 
  • Add some kind of indication of what cutting a rope is going to do.
    • I have the animations working for this. You can cause each individual rope to shake. I'm a bit stuck on how to control this though. I think the best option for normal controls might be to require the player to hold down both the cut and direction buttons for half a second or so. The rope would animate immediately, but not cut if you let go too soon. I'm a little worried that that would make learning how to cut ropes even harder though, and that's been the biggest sticking point for new players so far. The other option would be to cut the rope when you let go of the button, but which button? Neither is a great choice. It's a bit easier if you enable sticky keys though. I think pressing once to animate and again to cut makes a lot of sense there. I haven't actually implemented any of these, and I think I'll include a fast-cut option to do away with the extra step for advanced players regardless of which way I go with this.

For this sprint, I have several IRL things that'll cut down on my dev time (plus, SGDQ is going on this week, so there's that distraction as well). That said, here's my plan:

  • Decide on which control scheme to use for cutting the ropes. This may involve some prototyping, but I don't intend to fully implement this for this sprint. I just want to get the plan nailed down.
  • Fix a bug on the level select menu. Currently, it doesn't know which entrance to come through, so it just crashes.
  • Clean up the existing forest levels. This includes lining up the entrances and exits, and estimating where some extra levels above/below the main line would fit.

See yall next sprint.

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