Sprint #6 - 7/8 to 7/22

Well, that was an unproductive couple of weeks, but let's go through the list.

  • Decide on which control scheme to use for cutting the ropes. This may involve some prototyping, but I don't intend to fully implement this for this sprint. I just want to get the plan nailed down.
    • So, I've mostly decided, but I haven't tested anything, so subject to change if it doesn't actually feel good in practice. Anyway, there are three possibilities.
      • If the "fast cut" option is on, things work as they currently do. Press a direction while holding cut and it will cut that rope.
      • If the "sticky keys" option is on, pressing cut will pull out or put away the scissors. Pressing a direction while the scissors are out will make the rope shake. Pressing the same direction again will cut that rope.
      • Otherwise, holding the cut button and holding a direction will make the rope shake. Hold both about half a second will then cut the rope.
    • Hopefully this last one isn't too unintuitive, but also the improved tutorial section might help in any case.
  • Fix a bug on the level select menu. Currently, it doesn't know which entrance to come through, so it just crashes.
    • Fixed, although only in the most basic sense. I will need to revisit this as part of fixing up the level select to deal with the second half of the game, but since that doesn't exist yet, this is good enough for now.
  • Clean up the existing forest levels. This includes lining up the entrances and exits, and estimating where some extra levels above/below the main line would fit.
    • Didn't get to this at all. I need to figure out how to better motivate myself to do level design.

So, for the next sprint:

  • Implement the control scheme above.
  • Start cleaning up the forest levels. Getting at least a couple done would be nice.

Ugh. That doesn't sound like a lot on paper, but I'm only putting 7 hours a week into this. This should be enough to fill up that time.

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