Sprint #8 - 8/3 to 8/17

How'd it go this week?

  • Add menu options for the new things I've been working on.
    • Accessibility options
      • Done. I'm sure I'll have more options to add later, and I may need to find a better way to organize these if there gets to be too many, but this is good for now.
    • Colors (although it'd be a stretch to get the custom color option in this time)
      • No custom colors, but you can now cycle through the palettes I've added in game. I don't really have a good idea how to manage custom colors.

None of these options read or write their state to the user's save, so that's something to work on next. I'm actually running out of low-hanging fruit, so I'll have to start breaking down one of the big new features soon, or go back to trying to make more levels. For this sprint, I have some IRL stuff to do, but I'll still try and get some stuff done:

  • Add the options to the save file.
  • Add one new room off the straight path.

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