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A gameboy-style puzzle-platformer · By Sepia Mage


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Sprint #13 - 10/12 to 10/26
Sorry, but I still don't have much to report. I should be moved into the new apartment by the end of this sprint, but only just, so it's still unlikely I'll be...
Sprint #12 - 9/28 - 10/12
A day late again. Sorry, I still don't have any updates, but I want to keep posting these so I at least maintain that habit...
Sprint #11 - 9/14 to 9/28
Oops. I thought this was next week. Good thing I checked. Anyway, it looks like I'm going to be fairly busy most weekends for the next month or two (I'm moving...
Sprint #10 - 8/31 to 9/14
I'm back, but somewhat exhausted. Also, I have more IRL stuff to do next weekend, so I don't think I'll get a whole lot done this sprint either. That said, I'll...
Sprint #9 - 8/17 to 8/31
From last sprint: Add the options to the save file. Done. All the config options, including the palette, are saved in the config.ini Add one new room off the st...
Sprint #8 - 8/3 to 8/17
How'd it go this week? Add menu options for the new things I've been working on. Accessibility options Done. I'm sure I'll have more options to add later, and I...
Sprint #7 - 7/22 to 8/3
Oops. I forgot to post this yesterday. Implement the new control scheme. I got all this implemented. I think the next step will be to add these as options in ga...
Sprint #6 - 7/8 to 7/22
Well, that was an unproductive couple of weeks, but let's go through the list. Decide on which control scheme to use for cutting the ropes. This may involve som...